Grade Comparison Chart ■ Cermet Application Work Materials Classification Sumitomo Electric Mitsubishi Tungaloy Kyocera Mitsubishi Hitachi NTK Sandvik Kennametal SECO Tools WALTER ISCAR TaeguTec AP25N★ GT720★ TN30,PV30* Q15★ KT125 PV3030 T1000A Z15★ P10 NS520 TN6010,TN610 CZ25★ T15 CT5015 HTX IC20N PV3010 NX2525 IC520N A T110A PV710*,PV7005* C7Z★ KT1120 CT3000 PV7010* P NS530 TN60 GT530★ KT6215 CM T1500A AP25N★ NS730 TN6020 T15 KT315★ CMP IC30N Grades Turning Steel P20 T1500Z★ NX2525 GT730★ PV60★ CH550 C7Z★ GC1525★ KT175 C15M IC530N CT7000 PV7020★ T2000Z★ NX3035 NS9530 PV7025★ C7X KT5020★ TP1020 GT9530★ P30 T3000Z★ NX3035 PV7025★ N40 MP3025★ PV90★ C7X K AP25N★ GT720★ TN30 T1000A PV30★ KT125 PV3030 K10 CT5015 T110A NX2525 NS520 TN6010 HTX CT3000 Cast Iron PV7010★ Milling P MZ1000* MZ2000* T250A NX4545 NS540 TC60M MZ3000* CT530 KT530M★ C15M IC30N VP45N★ Steel T4500A NS740 TN100M CH7030 CH7035 ★ Coated Cermet ■ Carbide Work Materials Classification Sumitomo Electric Mitsubishi Tungaloy Kyocera Mitsubishi NTK Sandvik Kennametal SECO WALTER ISCAR TaeguTec Hitachi Tools P10 ST10P WS10 S1P P20 ST20E UTi20T UX30 EX35 SMA K125M IC07 P IC50M Steel P30 A30 UTi20T UX30 PW30 EX40 SM30 IC54 A30N IC28 P40 ST40E EX45 S6 IC54 IC28 M10 U10E WA10B H10A KU10,K313 890 IC07,IC20 EH510 K68,KYSM10 IC08 M M20 U2 UTi20T UX30 H13A K313 HX IC07,IC20 Stainless Steel EH520 K68 883 IC08 M30 A30 UTi20T UX30 H10F IC28 A30N SM30 K01 H2 HTi05T WH01 KU10,K313 IB50,IB85 H1 WH05 K68,K115M IS8 H1 KU10,K313 IB50,IB85 K K10 EH10 HTi10 TH10 KW10 WH10 KM1 H13A K68,K115M 890 IB55,IB90 EH510 GW15 K110M IC20,IS8 Cast Iron KY3500 G10E KMF 890 IC20 K20 EH20 UTi20T UX30 GW25 WH20 KM3 H13A KY3500 883 IS8 EH520 KYHS10 HX K30 G10E UTi20T WH30 KY3500 883 S RT9005 SW05,SW10 H10A KU10,K313 ID5,IB85 ー EH510 RT9010 TH10 SW25,KW10 WH10 H10F K68,KMF HX IC20,IC07 Exotic Alloy EH520 MT9015 KS20 GW15 H13A K110M,KYHS10 H25 IC08,IC28 TF15 K1025(KMF) F0 SF10,MF07 F,MD1508 NM08 IC07 MF10 MD08F F1,AFU HTi10 M,MD10 FW30 NM15 6UF,8UF 890 IC07 Fine-grained Carbide XF1 MF20 MD05F,MD07F PN90,H6FF AF0,AF1 TF15 EM10,MD20 BRM20 12UF 890 IC08 SF2 MF30 MD15 EF20N 883 A1 UM NM25 N6F 883 IC08 H10F ■ Ceramic Work Materials Sumitomo Electric Tungaloy Kyocera NTK Sandvik Kennametal TaeguTec H WG300 A66N HC4,HC7 GC6050 KY1615 AB20 NB100C LX11 A65 ZC7,WA1 CC650 KY4300 AB2010 Hardened Steel KT66 CC670 S WA1 CC6060 KY4300 TC430 WX120 WG300 CF1 SX9 CC6065 KY1540 AS20 Exotic Alloy CC670 K LX11,LX21 A65,A66N HC1,HW2,HC2,HC6 CC620,CC650 KY1615,KY1310 AW120,AB30 NB90S CXC73,FX105 KA30,KS500 HC7,WA1,SX1,SX2 CC6090 KY1320,KY3500 AS500,AS10 Cast Iron CX710 KS6000,KT66 SP2,SX9,SX8 GC1690 KY4300 SC10 (Note) The data on pages A4 and A5 was collected from the various published catalogues therefore the information may not be updated. A5