Representative Grades / K Cast Iron Material Work Application Examples Cast Iron Grades High Speed Continuous Cutting General Purpose Mill-Scaled Work/Interrupted Cutting AC405K / AC415K / AC420K A AC405K:Suitable for high-speed continuous cutting with excellent resistance to wear and plastic deformation. AC415K:First recommended grade for cast iron turning provides stability and long tool life in a wide range of processes. Grades AC420K:Superior fracture resistance provides excellent stability in interrupted unstable cutting and when cutting mill-scaled work. ● Improvements to super FF-TiCN coating grain and hardness provide significantly improved wear resistance. Newly developed stress control technology enhances micro-grained α Alumina (FF-Al2O3) coating for superior reliability. Steel ● Coating Coating stress control technology reduces abnormal Stainless Structure damage caused by chipping. Steel Micro-grained Ș Alumina (FF-Al2O3) Improved adhesion and peel-off Chipping Cast Iron Super FF-TiCN Ultra-fine grained, ultra-hard TiCN coating Alloy Exotic increases wear resistance 1.5 times. AC400K Series Conventional Coating Coating Hardened Steel AC405K/AC415K Wear Resistance AC415K Chipping Resistance Metal Non-Ferrous 600 Occurs 10,000 ● AC405K Chipping Resistance 500 ● AC415K Improved 1.5 Times Machining Small Product ◆ Competitor’s Impacts Until Chipping 8,000 400 ◆ ● ◆ ● Product A (K05) Cutting Speed ◆ Competitor’s Product B (K10) 6,000 300 ◆ ◆● ● ◆ ◆● ● 4,000 200 ◆ ◆● ● of Number 2,000 100 1 3 5 10 30 0 Conventional Competitor’s Flank Wear Width = Cutting Time Until 0.3mm (min) AC415K Tool Product C (K10) Work Material:FCD450(Round Bar) Insert:CNMG120408N-GZ Work Material:FCD450 Insert:CNMG120408N-GZ Cutting Conditions:vc=200 to 400m/min f=0.30mm/rev ap=1.5mm Wet Cutting Conditions:vc=300m/min f=0.25mm/rev ap=1.5mm Wet AC420K Fracture Resistance FCD450 Grooved (Heavy Interrupted Acceleration Test) Edge Wear Comparison (After 150 sec) AC420K Competitor’s Product D (K15) Competitor’s Great Improvements AC420K Competitor’s Product D(K15) Competitor’s Product E(K20) Product E In Fracture Resistance (K20) Work Material:FCD450 Toolholder:PCLNR2525-43 Insert:CNMG120408N-GZ 100 150 200 300 Cutting Conditions:vc=350m/min f=0.25mm/rev ap=1.5mm Wet Tool Life (sec) A15