Grades Ceramic Advanced Ceramic Superb wear for ultra-high speed machining. Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal's "Advanced Ceramic" is created through a unique process that A ensures excellent sharpness, making possible stable ultra-high speed cutting of cast iron, and cutting of heat-resistant alloys and ultra-hard rolled materials. Grades Coated Carbide Grade Range Map Cermet For Turning High-Speed Finishing to Light Medium Rough to Heavy Work Materials ̶ 01 10 20 30 40 Ceramic K NB90S Cast Iron Carbide S WX120 CBN Layer Exotic Alloy PCD H NB100C Hardened Steel Properties For Turning Work Materials Grades Hardness (HRA) TRS (GPa) Main Coating Components Coating Thickness (μm) Characteristics K NB90S 94.8 0.9 — — Contains Al2O3 and carbide. Cast Iron Suitable for medium to finishing of cast iron. S WX120 90.0 1.2 — — Enhanced with SiC whiskers. Exotic Alloy For heat-resistant alloy and ultra-hard roll cutting. H NB100C 95.0 1.0 TiAlN 2 Ultra-strong. Contains Al2O3 and ZX Coat. Hardened Steel Continuous low-speed turning of hardened steel. A34