Igetalloy Carbide Grades (Micro-Fine Grained Carbide) The Igetalloy micro-fine grained carbide series provides world class levels of micro-fine grain structure and delivers superior performance in small drills and other tools. A Igetalloy micro-fine grained carbides feature a WC structure of between 0.2 to 1μm, and are extremely strong and hard. They also provide excellent sharpness and superb surface quality on worked surfaces. Grades These features give excellent performance in a variety of applications from ø0.1mm PCB drills and endmill materials, to thin slitting blades and precision dies. ● Ultra-fine Grain ● Fine-grained Carbide Carbide Coated XF1 (Grain Size 0.2μm) AF0 (Grain Size 0.5μm) H1 (Grain Size 1.0μm) Cermet Ceramic Carbide Properties Layer CBN Properties Classification Grades Grain Size Co Content TRS Hardness Hardness HV Characteristics Applications (μm) (wt%) (GPa) (HRA) (GPa) PCD Ultra-fine Grain XF1 0.2 9.0 4.0 93.5 19.2 World's smallest grained carbide. Micro drills, Small diameter drills AF1 0.5 12.0 4.4 92.5 17.3 World's toughest ultra-fine grained Micro drills, Mini tools, Punches carbide. AF0 0.5 10.0 4.1 93.0 18.0 High toughness and wear resistant Micro drills, Routers ultra-fine grained carbide. AFU 0.5 8.0 3.8 93.6 19.4 Enhanced wear resistant ultra-fine Micro drills, Endmills for ultra-hard grained carbide. materials A1 0.7 13.0 3.2 91.4 15.6 Tough micro-grained carbide. Endmills, Taps, Drills for cast iron, Micro-fine Grained Carbide Punches KH12 0.7 10.0 4.0 92.4 17.2 Micro-fine grained carbide with good Endmills, Drills for steel balance of hardness and toughness. F0 0.7 5.0 2.0 93.6 20.1 Superior wear resistant micrograined Micro drills, Routers carbide. Fine-grained Carbide KH03 1.0 10.0 3.3 91.4 15.2 Fine-grained carbide with good hardness Dies, Drills, Endmills and toughness. KH05 1.0 13.0 3.5 90.4 13.6 High toughness fine grained carbide. Dies H1 1.0 5.0 2.1 92.9 17.7 Superior wear resistant finegrained Drills for cast iron, Reamers carbide. EH10 1.2 6.0 3.4 92.4 17.3 Fine-grained carbide with good balance of Drills for exotic alloy, Reamers hardness and toughness. Fine-grained carbide. ZF16 1.0 6.0 3.5 93.0 18.6 Wear and chipping resistant fine-grained Micro drills carbide for high speed machining. Carbide Materials From pages K2 A29