Grades CBN SUMIBORON Series Coated SUMIBORON Series High hardness and heat resistance for cutting high hardness steel and hard cast iron. Long tool life with high-speed finishing of grey cast iron. A In 1977, Sumitomo Electric successfully developed a revolutionary CBN sintered tool - SUMIBORON. The main component in SUMIBORON is Cubic Boron Nitride with a special ceramic binder sintered under super high pressure and temperature. Grades As compared to other conventional tool materials, CBN has higher hardness and excellent heat resistance. With these distinct characteristics, SUMIBORON can perform machining of hardened steel, high hardness cast iron and exotic metals where previously only grinding was done. Furthermore, excellent efficiency and longer tool life can also be Coated Carbide achieved from high speed machining of cast irons. Characteristics Cermet Classifications Structure CBN Content Hardness (GPa) Grades Application Characteristics High 44 Carbide ・High carbon content. Structure consists Mainly CBN BN700 Chilled cast iron of strongly fused CBN grains. Ceramic grains fused BN7000 Ni-Hard cast iron ・Suited to cutting cast iron, heat- together BN7500 Heat-resistant alloy, Cast iron resistant alloy, ultra-hard alloy, and BNS800 Sintered ferrous alloy other hard materials. BN500・BNC500 Carbide Mainly CBN BN1000 ・BN2000 Alloy steel ・CBN grains are fused together grains held BN350・BNX10 Case hardened steel strongly with a special ceramic binder. together with BNX20 ・BNX25 Carbon tool steels ・Strong CBN binding force gives superior a binder BNC2010・BNC2020 Bearing steel, Die steel wear resistance and toughness when BNC300・BNC100 Ductile cast iron cutting hardened steel and cast iron. CBN Layer Low 21 BNC160・BNC200 PCD Grade Range Map Work Series Finishing to Light Medium Medium Rough to Heavy Materials Classification − H01 H10 H20 H30 BNC2010 BNC2020 Coated BNC300 SUMIBORON BNC100 H BNC160 Hardened Steel BNC200 BN1000 Uncoted BN2000 SUMIBORON BNX10 BNX20 BNX25,BN350 Classification − 01 10 20 30 Sintered Uncoted BN7500 alloy SUMIBORON BN7000 Classification − K01 K10 K20 K30 Coated BNC500* SUMIBORON K BNS800 Cast Iron Uncoted BN7000 SUMIBORON BN500 *For Ductile Cast Iron A30