SUMIDIA Series Polycrystalline Diamond Grades Excellent wear resistance with longer tool life in high-speed, high-efficiency and high-precision cutting of non-ferrous metals and non-metals. SUMIDIA is a polycrystalline diamond material made from sintered diamond powder that was A first created using our proprietary technology in 1978. SUMIDIA's superior wear resistance achieves longer tool life in high speed, high efficiency and high precision non-metal cutting and non-ferrous metal applications including aluminum, Grades copper, magnesium and zinc alloys. CAharacteristics ● Conventional Polycrystalline Diamond Carbide Coated   High density sintered material made of diamond particles with particle sizes ranging from submicron to tens of microns. Structure of Conventional Polycrystalline Diamond after Acid Treatment DA1000 DA2200 DA150 DA90 Cermet Ceramic 10μm 10μm 10μm 10μm Carbide Holes formed when binder is dissolved during acid treatment Grade Range Map Layer CBN Work Series Finishing to Light Medium Rough to Heavy Materials Classification 01 10 20 30 PCD SUMIDIA NPD10 Hard Brittle Binderless Material SUMIDIA DA90 Classification N01 N10 N20 N30 DA1000 N DA2200 Non-Ferrous Metal SUMIDIA DA150 DA90 Characteristic Values Work Materials Grades Binder Diamond Content (%) Grain Size (μm) Hardness HV (GPa) TRS (GPa) Characteristics Hard Brittle 100% diamond grade that directly binds nanometer-level Material NPD10 Co 100 Up to 0.05 120 to 130 ≈ 3.15 diamond particles with high strength. Demonstrates the highest wear and fracture resistance and the best edge sharpness. High density sintered material made of ultra-fine diamond DA1000 Co 90 to 95 Up to 0.5 110 to 120 ≈ 2.60 particles that demonstrates optimum wear and fracture resistance, and edge sharpness. Sintered material made of ultra-fine diamond particles that DA2200 Co 85 to 90 0.5 90 to 100 ≈ 2.45 demonstrates optimum wear and fracture resistance, and edge N sharpness. Non-Ferrous Metal DA150 Co 85 to 90 5 100 to 120 ≈ 1.95 Sintered material made of fine diamond particles that provides a good balance of workability and wear resistance. DA90 Co 90 to 95 50 100 to 120 ≈ 1.10 Sintered material made of coarse diamond particles with high diamond content and excellent wear resistance. SUMIDIA Series From page M2 A33