Application Examples Non-Ferrous Metal N Material Work Non-Ferrous Metal Grades DA1000 A ・Ultra-high-density, sintered ultra-fine diamond particles ・Significantly improved surface roughness on machined surfaces Grades ・World’s best wear resistance and strength ・Suitable for use with all aluminum and non-ferrous alloys ● DA1000 Wear Resistance Steel 800 DA1000 ● Comparison of Surface Roughness ︶ DA1000 Conventional Grade Steel Stainless m/min 600 ︵ 400 Cutting Speed Excellent Surface Bad Surface Cast Iron 200 Fine Edge Rough Edge Alloy Exotic 100 1 5 10 50 100 Lifetime(min) Insert: TPGW160308 Cutting Conditions: vc=1,000m/min f=0.15mm/rev ap=0.2mm Wet Hardened ● Wear Resistance in Turning Applications ● Wear Resistance in Milling Applications Steel 0.20 0.05 Competitor's PCD Metal Non-Ferrous Flank Wear Width (mm) Conventional Grade Flank Wear Width (mm) Conventional Grade 0.16 0.04 0.12 0.03 Machining Small Product 0.08 0.02 DA1000 0.04 0.01 DA1000 0 2 4 6 0 10 20 30 Cutting Distance (km) No. of Passes Insert: TPGN160304 Insert: NF-SNEW1204ADFR Cutting Conditions: vc=800m/min f=0.12mm/rev ap=0.5mm Wet Cutting Conditions: vc=2,000m/min f=0.15mm/rev ap=3.0mm Wet Application Examples H1 + AG Type Breakers DA1000 ADC12 Aluminum Wheel Copper Alloy Bush Excellent adhesion resistance. Stable surface roughness with no edge breakage (3.2S). Longer tool life. 500 Tool life improved to 3x that of conventional models. 2x tool life 3,000 No. of Workpieces No. of Workpieces 2,000 3x tool life 250 1,000 0 0 H1 Competitor's DA1000 Competitor's AG Insert: VCGT160408N-AG(H1) Insert: NF-TPGN160308(DA1000) Cutting Conditions: vc=2,200m/min f=0.25mm/rev ap=2.0mm Wet Cutting Conditions: vc=300m/min f=0.07mm/rev ap=0.08mm Wet A21