Technical Information for Auto Tools Small Diameter Cut-off of Single-hole Excelletn for precision machining Cut-off Insert code system FrontTurning / BackTurning / Threading / Parting off / Grooving & Turning / Face Grooving •Excellent for precision machining•Excellent for complicated machining•Excellent for small part machining Mi i i. TA \ £ 7 8 aInsertMachiningInsertInsertGrooveChipbreakerLeadLead angleCarbidenameTypesizehandwidthnameanglehandgrades •Available for various types of machining n•Whole inserts can be clamped on only one holders1•ISO whole holders offset "0"Jj£.vInsert Name Machining Type Insert Size tHTKF Type of insertCTPType of insertC: Parting off / Cut-off line11: 11 stands for the inscribed circle diameter = 8.0mmB: BackTurningT: Threading12: 12 stands for the inscribed circle diameter = 8.7mm15: 15 stands for the inscribed circle diameter = 9.4mm16: 16 stands for the inscribed circle diameter = 9.5mm Insert Hand Groove Width Chipbreaker Name Type 0 Egg R: right handL: left hand 050: 0.5mm 100: 1.0mm150: 1,5mm200: 2.0mm S: S typeT: T typeNB: no chipbreaker 181 Sigle-hole Type 182 Parting off Back - turning Threading Lead Angle Lead Angle Hand Carbide Grades nan 0 Double - holeType ^0Parting off 4 Front-turning 40 Back -turning Grooving & Turning R: right hand L: left handFig.1none: no lead angleInsert Hand:RightInsert Hand:Left16D: lead angle is 16°Lead Angle Hand:RightLead Angle Hand:Right TTIP30 TTIM4520D :lead angel is 20°WiN