Technical Information for XN Type Threading Technical Information forXN Type Threading XN Type Thread Tooling Is the Proven High-Productivity Threading Solution! Choosing XN Type Threading System •A superior choice for heavy-duty applications like machining of Acme, Buttress, and API threads. XN Type is also the best system for coarse pitch and multitooth threading applications. •Largest selection of insert geometries and grades in the industry. •Avery rigid insert clamping design ensures best tool life, surface finish, and workpiece quality. •Simplicity of the XN Type design does not require shim selection for thread helix angles. This helps to avoid mistakes on the shop floor. 059 •Reduces inventory by using the same XN Type 060 toolholders and boring bars with either threading or grooving inserts. •An excellent choice for special thread forms and toolholder designs. Precision-Ground Thread Form •Minimises built-up edge. •Precisely cuts most common materials. •Reduces cutting forces. •Ensures accurate high-quality threads. Superior Chip Control • Eliminates long, troublesome coils. • Excellent for internal threading operations. •Available in partial profile inserts for 60° thread forms.