Small Product Machining ■ A Wide Selection of Easy-To-Use Holders ● Back Side Clamp Tools: PC Type / PD Type ● Zero Offset Holders The part number ends with -X Unnecessary to edit the program for small gang tool lathes Easy and reliable lever locking system Easily insert replacement at the back D D19, D23 From D16 Small Product ● Twin Head Holders Machining Multifunctional tools for autolathes Makes it possible to perform two types of machining with a single holder ● Back Turning Tools: SBT Type / PBT Type Expanded Produces a good finish with a sharp cut Maximum machining step size 8.0 mm, edge width 2.5 mm From E10 ● Round Shank Holders: RS Type Enables external turning with sleeve holders D11 ● Cut-off Tools: SCT Type Easy insert replacement at the back simply by loosening a screw From D13 Max. cut-off dia. ø5 mm, ø12 mm, ø16 mm ● SEC-Grooving Tools: GND Type Lineup also includes shanks for small lathes Handles grooving of 1.25 mm and above. F54 From F10 D5