Small Product Machining Selection Guide External Machining ① Use / Type / Cut-Off Back Turning Profiling General Turning Grooving Grooving and Cut-Off Page SCT Type SBT Type SV Type P Type GWC Type GND Type Expanded PBT Type S Type D F54 D11 D31 D23 F4 F10 Small Product Cutting edge 2.5–5.2 mm 0.75–2.5 mm 1.25–3.00 mm Machining 0.5–2.0 mm ε0.05, SVLC Type SVPC Type PDJC Type SDJC Type shape 0° 3.5– ε0.15 mm 20° 8.0 mm 95° 1.25– 117.5° 93° 93° 3.0 mm 20–32 mm 7°Positive Back side Screw-on 11°Positive clamp Max. machining diameter ø5–16 mm External Machining ② Use / Type / Front Turning Front Turning Grooving Threading Threading Threading Page Traverse Turning SFT Type PTXN-X Type SGE Type STH Type SSTE Type THE Type D12 D18 F30 F76 F68 F80 Cutting edge 0.5 0.4–1.25 mm 0.8–1.5 mm 1.4 mm 3.0–6.0 mm 0.6–1.3 mm Pitch shape ε0–0.2 mm Pitch Pitch 100° 0.2–1.58 mm 0.5–3.0 mm 0.8–3.0 mm ε0.2, ε0.4 mm ε 32° Negative External Machining ③ Multifunctional Tools This is a sleeve holder (for front and back faces) for external machining. This holder allows two types of machining to be performed with one holder. / Round Shank Holder / Twin Head Holders Use / Type Page RS Type Use / Type Page ID + OD ID + ID CKBE Type CKBB Type D13 E10 E11 D2