Small Product Machining ■ Overview This is a series of very small (mini) indexable inserts for machining small products on small NC autolathes. Our company was the first in the industry to sell this product in 1984. Through our many years of experience, we have worked hard to expand our product offering in these series and have added new tool designs that are capable of handling all types of machining processes, from back turning, profiling, and cutting-off, and have added tools with clamps on the back side. D Small Product Machining ■ Full Lineup of Grades from Carbide to PCD From D6 ■ Special Small Lathe Tools For Various Types of Machining ● Very Small Diameter Boring Bars: CKB Type ● For Machining Very Small Parts: SPB Type ● For Plunging: SGW Type Expanded Minimum machinable diameter ø1–ø5 mm Optimal for machining very small parts less than ø10 mm Optimal for efficiently machining long parts, solves chip control From E71 From D8 D10 D4