Solid Carbide Tools Performance by Design Solutions Around The Globe UNITED STATES OF AMERICA GERMANY SGS Tool Company is a privately-held, ISO-cer- SGS TOOL COMPANY SGS TOOL GmbH tified leader of round solid carbide cutting tool World Headquarters Hitdorfer Strasse 10C technology for the aerospace, metalworking, P.O. Box 187 Langenfeld D40764 and automotive industries with manufacturing sites in the United States and United Kingdom. 55 South Main Street phone: (49) 2173-9100-91 Our global network of Sales Representatives, Munroe Falls, Ohio 44262 U.S.A. fax: (49) 2173-9100-99 Industrial Distributors, and Agents blanket the phone: (330) 688-6667 e-mail: world selling into more than 60 countries. customer service - Leaders in Solid Carbide Tool Technology US and Canada: (330) 686-5700 CANADA Brand names such as Z-Carb, S-Carb, V-Carb, fax - US & Canada: (800) 447-4017 SGS TOOL CANADA Hi-PerCarb, Multi-Carb have become synony- international fax: (330) 686-2146 171 Northport Road, Unit #3 mous with high performance tooling in the e-mail: Port Perry, ON L9L 1B2 machining and metalworking industry. phone: 905/982-0888 We’re proud to have pioneered some of the UNITED KINGDOM fax: 905/982-0488 world’s most advanced cutting technology SGS CARBIDE TOOL (UK) LTD. e-mail: right here in our Northeast Ohio manufactur- ing campus. SGS high performance end mills, 10 Ashville Way drills and routers are increasing productivity Wokingham, Berkshire EASTERN EUROPE and reducing cost around the world. RG41 2PL England SINTCOM Exceeding Customer Expectations phone: (44) 1189-795-200 phone: (359) 283-64421 In addition to our substantial R&D facilities, fax: (44) 1189-795-295 fax: (359) 286-52493 we offer a portfolio of products and services e-mail: e-mail: that have an unparalleled track record in manufacture, supply and value at the spindle. FRANCE RUSSIA • Incredible batch-to-batch consistency SGS FRANCE HALTEC • Metallurgical lab dedicated to testing and Business Parc SILIC phone: (7) 842-231-0738 rigorous quality control 20 Rue Saarinen fax: (7) 842-231-0601 • ISO-certified quality procedures Case Postale 10248 e-mail: • Patented geometries that extend tool life, 94568 RUNGIS CEDEX web: reduce chatter, cut cycle times, and improve France part quality— even at extreme parameters phone: +33 (0) 1 49 79 76 90 CHINA • Specialists in extreme and demanding fax: +33 (0) 1 49 79 76 94 SGS TOOL DIVISION product applications • Experienced Field Sales Engineers who e-mail: phone: (86) 21-50589822 work to optimize a tool for your particular fax: (86) 21-50817160 application e-mail: • Dedicated multi-lingual customer service web: representatives SGS Products are distributed by: EDP 00099 Rev 0313 © SGS Tool Company