Заказ инструмента: http://steelcam.org | 8 (343) 382-52-03 | [email protected] Cutting Geometries Milling Inserts -RA -RA This geometry is a precision insert for milling Cast Iron. The extended wiper-facet on this insert geometry allows a 50% higher feed rate for higher productivity. This geometry is available with SC3025, our leading Cast Iron milling grade. -RG..S -RG..S This geometry is designed for finish machining of 3D profiles. It is extremely accurate and delivers a very long tool life. The RG..S is excellent when machining a side wall that is close to 90˚. Suitable for machining of all materials. -T -T This geometry is for general purpose applications when a strong cutting and excellent chip breaking capibility is required. This geometry is found on a wide range of Stellram inserts. The design is nearly as tough as flat-top inserts. Mainly to be used when machining Steel, Steel Alloys, Cast Irons and Hardened Steels. A24 www.kennametal.com