Заказ инструмента: http://steelcam.org | 8 (343) 382-52-03 | [email protected] 8000V-8010V Mounting / Adjusting Cartridges Cartridge Face Mills General Cartridge Mounting Instructions For the majority of current applications, 8000V and 8010V cutters with interchangeable cartridges do not have to be adjusted. The cartridges therefore are mounted by pressing 1 the calibrated heel up against the setting track on the tool body (runout 0,05 mm max., with inserts with ground wiper edges). However, if greater accuracy is required, they may be adjusted individually with a runout of 2-µm. 2 A Mounting of Cartridges without Adjustment 1. Lubricate the screw under the head and on the thread (preferably with copper paste). 2. Clean cartridges and their pockets located in the milling cutter. 3. Introduce the first cartridge into its pocket and check if it moves freely. 4. Introduce screw No. 1 and tighten it moderately whilst pushing the cartridge against its axial setting track; mount all the cartridges in the same way. 5. Introduce screw No. 2 and lock it (tightening torque 10 Nm). 6. Lock screw No. 1 well with an extended allen key (tightening torque 18 Nm). 7. Mount the indexable inserts. A162 www.kennametal.com