Заказ инструмента: http://steelcam.org | 8 (343) 382-52-03 | [email protected] 8000V-8010V Surface Finishing Surface Finishing with 81FS00 Cartridges Cartridge Face Mills The cartridge 81 FS 00 R-12 is intended to perform finishing operations when used in conjunction with other cartridges as shown in the diagram opposite. They have a fine adjusting set screw to enable the cartridge to be pulled back and pushed forward again to the initial preset position. Stock removal for finishing should be no more than 1 mm and preferably 0,5 mm. The finishing insert actually removing a maximum 0,03 mm due to it trailing the main cutting inserts. On the cutter series 8000V one, two or even three (according to diameter) of the roughing cartridges may be replaced by an 81 FS 00 R-12 finishing cartridge. One corresponding pocket for a wiper cartridge is marked with an “F”. These cartridges, having a fine adjusting set screw, are set according to the dimension (axial shift) “X”. X = 0,03 - 0,05 mm (X = 0,02 mm with a pressed insert with a nose radius) Maximum feed up to 3 mm/rev. X X X 8000VR00 (R-16 only) 8000VS / VSE45 8000VOD45 Note: 8000V Series assemblies that cannot use wiper cartridges are 90 degree A-Style, 20mm Round Button and 12mm and 16mm High Feed Mills. Also, all 8010V cutter series are not possible to assemble with a wiper insert cartridge. Product Spares Finishing Insert Finishing Cartridge Fixing Adjusting Fixing Insert Screwdriver Part Number Cartridge Screw Cartridge Screw Screw SPHX 12 M5 12-EN 81 FS 00 R-12 7065 72.602 D5013T T20 www.kennametal.com A161