Composites in Aerospace • CFRP excels in fatigue performance compared to aluminium • Structurally durable yet lightweight for primary and secondary aircraft structures • Widely used throughout aircraft interiors Composites in Automotive • Carbon fiber is lightweight, durable and easily molded • Leading manufacturers targeting Composite for future production cars • Multi-layered material resists breakage Composites in Power Generation • Primarily used in wind turbines • Blades must be low weight, possess rotational inertia and have resistance to fatigue and wear • CFRP withstands environmental erosion and degradation Raw Material Di-NAMITE Coating • Diamond is the longest wear- • Pure Crystalline Diamond for ing surface of any material • High Performance substrate allowing for improved cutting engineered specifically for high demanding abrasive edge performance and im- the machining of Composite applications proved surface finishes materials • Engineered application process • Extremely high thermal proper- • Evaluated and designed to for maximum adhesion and ties protects the cutting edge complement Di-NAMITE smooth coating structure from excessive heat to help coating • Coating held to tight tolerances extend tool life • Lab inspected to verify for consistent batch to batch •The features of Di-NAMITE consistency and quality results coatings allow for improved operating parameters through better edge protection