■ Properties of MEGACOAT NANO A Multi-layer composition of MEGACOAT 40 MEGACOAT NANO Hardness (GPa) 35 30 Insert Grades 25 TiCN MEGACOAT 20 TiAIN 15 TiN 10 400 600 800 1,000 1,200 1,400 Oxidation temperature (°C) Carbide Substrate Low Oxidation resistance High Prevents wear and fracture with high hardness (35GPa) and superior oxidation resistance (oxidation temperature: 1,150°C) ■ Application Map • Steel • Stainless steel High PR1425 High PR1425 [Vc=150~200m/min] [Vc=125m/min~] PR1225 Medium Medium [Vc=75~150m/min] [Vc=50~125m/min] PR1225 Low Low [Vc=~75m/min] PR930 PR1535 [Vc=~50m/min] PR930 PR1535 Continuous Light Interruption Heavy interruption Continuous Light Interruption Heavy interruption Applications Applications ● Cutting edge quality (Sharp edge insert) PR1225 / PR1425 Competitor A Competitor B X300 X300 X300 X1,000 X1,000 X1,000 MEGACOAT Series (PR1225 / PR1425) shows high edge sharpening performance and adhesion resistance. (Internal evaluation) ■ Advantages of PR13 Series 1) Superior wear and fracture resistance attained with uniform grain size and ● Heat-resistant alloys MEGACOAT on superior thermal shock resistant carbide High 35 2) New edge preparation technology (FET: Fine Edge Treatment) controls and minimizes R horning and provides large tip rake angle, and thus prevents burrs Cutting speed→ and notching. 35 ● Special carbide substrate ● New edge preparation technology 35 Low ← Low←Fracture resistance (Toughness)→High Continuous Light Interruption Interruption Uniform grain size enables Edge control of FET superior thermal shock resistance technology and constant hardness A11