Electron gun Designed to meet the automated metrology requirements of mechanical parts, electronic devices, dies & molds and medical devices Metal press parts Digital Imaging & The new iNEXIV VMA-2520 has been expressly designed for Multi-Sensing Metrology three-dimensional workpieces. Though compact and lightweight in design, it provides a long 200mm Z-axis stroke and a 73.5mm working distance, enabling easy Z-axis measurement of mechanical parts, plastic injection molding parts, metal press VMA-2520 parts, electronic devices, dies & molds and medical devices. The standard 10x zoom optics meets the industry's demanding needs for superb resolution at high magnifications while offering a wide field of view at low magnifications. Low distortion optics and high intensity white LED illumination sources improve contrast to enhance throughput. This combination assures reproducible measurements even for colorful parts. Connector Plastic injection molding parts 2