GradeInsertExt. ToolholderInt. ToolholderThreadingGroovingEndmillDrilling ToolTechnical Reference 1 2 3 4 5 Exchangeable head system for easy operation High accuracy, rigidity, and productivity- Unique clamping structure provides high repeatability and reliability 6 - One-action head changing reduces tool set up time - No re-grinding cost and reduced tool inventory requirements Groove to prevent the Drill head Drill body head from falling off Contact area thatsupports the drill headagainst cutting force 7 Contact area that maintains the accurate drill position 8 Increased body durability - The new clamping mechanism greatly reduces the damage on cutting edges due to less holding power as seen with the competitors, which leads to long tool life.- The unique clamping design prevents the head from falling off. 9 Reference pages: 8-5 - 8-15 8-3