Заказ инструмента: http://steelcam.org | 8 (343) 382-52-03 | [email protected] 7690VA Series Shoulder Milling Cutter Facing Shoulder / Ramping Helical Pocketing Helical Spiral / Trochoidal Profiling / Interpolation Interpolation Circular Slotting with Bore Hole 90 DEGREE CUTTERS 7690VA Kennametal offers a number of 90 degree cutters for shoulder milling, face milling and slotting. 7690VA09: 7690VA cutters are available in a wide range of depth-of-cut variations. Inserts are available Maximum ap = 8,00mm in 9mm, 12mm and 16mm sizes. An extensive range of geometries and grades are available Diameter Range = 10mm to 63mm for all applications. 7690VA12: Applications: Maximum ap = 11,00mm The 7690VA series are ideal for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing of Steel, Alloyed Steel, Diameter Range = 20mm to 80mm Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, High Temperature Alloys and Aluminium Alloys. The 7690VAP series are ideal for roughing, semi-finishing and finishing of Stainless Steel, 7690VA16: High Temperature Alloys plus Low Carbon Steels. This cutter is designed to utilise one Maximum ap = 16,00mm geometry of insert only - APET1604...ER-48 Diameter Range = 25mm to 125mm Note: When an approx. 90° shoulder is required then the following geometries need to Note: Larger diameter Shell Mill Fixation be used. cutters with interchangeable cartridges are available. Please see page A112 7690VA09: Geometry -42 7690VAP16: 7690VA12: Geometry -46 Maximum ap = 15,80mm 7690VA16: Geometry -42, -46 Diameter Range = 40mm to 100mm and the flat insert APFW... 7690VAP16: Geometry -48 See the 90° deviations charts on pages A59 - A62. www.kennametal.com A45