[Ceramic] How to read pages of “Turning Inserts” B13 (㎜) ■ 90° Square / Negative Description A T φd SN_A1204_ 4.76 5.16 SNGN1204_ 12.70 - SNGN1207_ 7.94 B Edge Prep. Gray Cast Iron (With Scale) T P Ref. to Page for Applicable Toolholders Symbol Cutting Edge Spec. Example K Gray Cast Iron (Without Scale) N P P P Q S Chamfered and Honed S01225 0.12mm X 25° Nodular Cast Iron (With Scale) P Cutting Edge Chamfered and Honed Cutting Edge Nodular Cast Iron (Without Scale) P T Chamfered Cutting Edge T01215 0.12mm X 15° S Heat-resistant Alloys T Q Insert (Turning) Chamfered Cutting Edge H Hard Materials O N P Dimension Aluminum PVD Coated MEGACOAT Silicon Nitride CVD Coated Silicon Nitride Ceramic structure Ceramic (mm) Oxide Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic SiAlON Honeycomb Edge Ceramic Insert Description Prep. KA30 KT66 A66N PT600M KS6050 CS7050 KS6030 KS6040 rε A65 CF1 SNGA 120408S01525 S01525 0.8 N 120412S01525 1.2 N SNGA 120408S02025 S02025 0.8 N Id 120412S02025 1.2 N D12 A D13 rH T SNGA 120408T02025 0.8 N N N N N F73 120412T02025 T02025 1.2 N N N N N 120416T02025 1.6 N N N SNMA 120408S03030 S03030 0.8 N SNGN 120408S01025 0.8 N 120412S01025 S01025 1.2 N 120416S01025 1.6 N 120420S01025 2.0 N SNGN 120408S01525 0.8 N 120412S01525 S01525 1.2 N 120416S01525 1.6 N SNGN 120408S02025 0.8 N 120412S02025 S02025 1.2 N 120416S02025 1.6 N SNGN 120416S03030 S03030 1.6 N SNGN 120408T00520 T00520 0.8 N U SNGN 120408T01020 0.8 N 120412T01020 T01020 1.2 N N 120416T01020 1.6 N N 120420T01020 2.0 N D25 A SNGN 120404T02025 0.4 N N D34 rH 120408T02025 0.8 N N N D35 T 120412T02025 T02025 1.2 N N N N N N F79 120416T02025 1.6 N N N N N 120420T02025 2.0 N N N N SNGN 120708S01025 0.8 N 120712S01025 S01025 1.2 N 120716S01025 1.6 N SNGN 120704S01525 0.4 N 120708S01525 0.8 N 120712S01525 S01525 1.2 N 120716S01525 1.6 N 120720S01525 2.0 N SNGN 120708S02025 0.8 N 120712S02025 S02025 1.2 N 120716S02025 1.6 N 120720S02025 2.0 N SNGN 120708T01020 0.8 N 120712T01020 T01020 1.2 N 120716T01020 1.6 N 120720T01020 2.0 N Inserts are sold in 10 piece boxes ●:Std. Item □ : Deleted from the next catalogue B101