Turning Indexable Inserts How to read pages of “Turning Inserts” B13 (㎜) (㎜) ■ Round / Negative Description A T φd Description A T φd RNGN 0903_ 3.18 RNGN 1207_ 12.70 0904_ 9.525 4.76 - 1507_ 15.875 7.94 - B 0907_ 7.94 1907_ 19.05 1204_ 12.70 4.76 2507_ 25.40 Edge Prep. Gray Cast Iron (With Scale) T P Ref. to Page for Applicable Toolholders Symbol Cutting Edge Spec. Example K Gray Cast Iron (Without Scale) P P P Q S Chamfered and Honed S01225 0.12mm X 25° Nodular Cast Iron (With Scale) P Chipbreakers Cutting Edge Chamfered and Honed Cutting Edge Nodular Cast Iron (Without Scale) P 0.12mm X 15° S Heat-resistant Alloys Q T P Negative T Chamfered Cutting Edge T01215 Chamfered Cutting Edge H Hard Materials O N Dimension Aluminum PVD Coated MEGACOAT Silicon Nitride CVD Coated Silicon Nitride Ceramic structure Ceramic (mm) Oxide Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic SiAlON Honeycomb *Edge Ceramic Insert Description Prep. KA30 KT66 A66N PT600M KS6050 CS7050 KS6030 KS6040 rε A65 CF1 RNGN 090300E003 E003 - N 090300E005 E005 - N 090300T01020 T01020 - N N RNGN 090400S01525 S01525 - N D33 090400S02025 S02025 - N 090400T01020 T01020 - N Ceramic 090400T02025 T02025 - N N Insert (Turning) RNGN 090700T01020 T01020 - N - RNGN 120400E003 E003 - N 120400E005 E005 - N 120400S01525 S01525 - N 120400S02025 S02025 - N 120400T01020 T01020 - N N N 120400T02025 T02025 - N N N N N RNGN 120700E003 E003 - N D27 A D33 120700E005 E005 - N T 120700K15015 K15015 - N N 120700S01525 S01525 - N 120700S02025 S02025 - N 120700T01020 T01020 - N N N 120700T02025 T02025 - N N N N N RNGN 150700S01525 S01525 - N 150700S02025 S02025 - N D27 150700T02025 T02025 - N RNGN 190700E003 E003 - N 190700E005 E005 - N 190700T01020 T01020 - N N - RNGN 250700E003 E003 - MTO 250700E005 E005 - N 250700T01020 T01020 - MTO N *For cutting edge “E” and “K”, please refer to the table below. Edge Prep. Symbol Cutting Edge Spec. Example E R-honed Cutting Edge E005 R0.05mm Honed K Double Chamfered K15015 1.5mm X 15° Cutting Edges Chamfered Cutting Edge · Note: Symbol “K” describe only the largest chamfer width and its angle. Inserts are sold in 10 piece boxes ●:Std. Item MTO : Made to order B100