Winstar Cutting Technologies Corp. Is a Taiwanese company that started operations in the year 2008 by Tim Chen following a dream and personal interest in developing solid tools. We are a professional manufacturer of Cutting Tools and Inserts. Since WINSTAR started it has specialized in the Design and Manufacture of High-Quality Cutting Tools. Having more than 4,400 different kinds of items and huge stocks. We are able to meet customer's needs. 90% of our products provide our own brand tools and 10% to do OEM project for world-class cutting group. WINSTAR has become one of the most successful companies in Taiwan. We base our company’s success on our long-standing commitment to satisfy our customers’ needs. By Utilizing the Finest Raw Materials and introducing Innovative Cutting Tools. Why Winstar? Highly Innovative Tool Geometries Your order will receive personal attention from our sales staff. Highest cutting action cannot be accomplished by using only the We offer full technical support for our products and are always standard geometries of universal tools. Efficient chip forming just a phone call away. Your satisfaction is very important to us. and evacuation is critical for optimal cutting performance. Such We stock our shelves to support our full product line. This geometries are designed to manage a broad range of cutting means we probably have what you need ready to ship today. forces and provide the highest cutting action for aerospace applications. As a recognized provider for “special” tools, Taiwanese made Quality WINSTAR possesses the engineering know-how to design Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Our complete line highly innovative tool geometries for maximum cutting. of end mills, drills, holders, and insert will stand-up-to or out-perform any premium cutting tool brand on the market. Advanced Tool Coating Technology W e a r e c o m m i t t e d t o p r o v i d e o u r C u s t o m e r s w i t h Privacy and Security C r a f t e d p r e c i s i o n a n d E x c e l l e n c e . L o n g e s t t o o l l i f e We aggressively protect your privacy rights. All transactions are a n d m a x i m u m a p p l i c a t i o n p e r f o r m a n c e r e q u i r e t h e conducted via our secure, encrypted online system. Your customer u t i l i z a t i o n o f a d v a n c e d c o a t i n g t e c h n o l o g y . A s t h i s information will never be sold, reproduced, or distributed. highly innovative field continues to rapidly change. Optimized Carbide Grades Winstar Friends and Family Maximum cutting performance is only achieved when the carbide In WINSTAR CUTTING TECHNOLOGIES Corp. We believe grade characteristics ideally fit the specific application needs. in partnership and understands that the best way to grow is together. That is the reason Winstar works as a team, to provide Superior Grinding Quality the customer with a better efficient service. We also have Research on better surface quality remains an area of continuous partnerships around the globe. With this special friends we work technological advancement. Since the cutting edge quality just the same way we work together in WINSTAR. To make bigger determines the tool life and cutting action, a superior grinding and better alliances so we can grow together as a big family. quality is critical. WINSTAR provides the latest Swiss and German grinding Technology to get a superior surface finish. Welcome to WINSTAR Family Welcome to WINSTAR Family