Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond SUMICRYSTAL ■ General Features SUMICRYSTAL is a large grained, high-purity single crystal diamond which our company, the first in the world, has succeeded in producing for industrial applications. SUMICRYSTAL is manufactured under stringent quality control to achieve stable quality and is best suited for industrial use. ■ Manufacturing Method Synthetic single crystal diamond SUMICRYSTAL is grown from a seed crystal, using the temperature difference between the carbon raw material and seed crystal, within a super high ● Inside of the super high pressure chamber pressure chamber similar to the one shown in the diagram, at 5~6GPa and 1,300~1,600℃ . The crystals are grown under Synthesis conditions stringent controlled pressures and temperatures to consistently Pressure: 5 to 6 GPa obtain crystals of uniform shape with low impurities. Temperature: 1,300 to 1,600°C ■ Characteristics Applied pressure Piston SUMICRYSTAL has 4 advantages when compared to natural diamond. Die Raw material carbon Solvent metal The first is its shape. Natural diamonds are rounded and its crystal orientation is difficult to determine with the naked eye. High SUMICRYSTAL has distinct crystal face which makes identification easier. temperature Second is its uniformity. Consistent quality is obtained by growing Temperature the crystals under industrially controlled conditions. difference The third advantage is that SUMICRYSTAL can be mass produced (20 to 50°C) unlike the limited supply natural diamonds. The fourth advantage is physical properties. SUMICRYSTAL type Low temperature Ib for cutting tools, contains a small amount of nitrogen impurities Seed crystal but has better mechanical and thermal properties compared to natural diamonds. SUMICRYSTAL Applied pressure ● Microfracture strength of synthetic diamond ● Diamond thermal conductivity 2500 30 Micro fracture strength(GPa) Heat conductivity(W/m・K) 2000 D SUMICRYSTAL 25 Natural diamond D 1500 20 D M 1000 J 15 J J SUMICRYSTAL 500 Natural diamond, Ia type 10 0 Natural diamond SUMICRYSTAL 50 100 SUMIDIA Temperature (°C) SUMIDIA Binderless Thermal conductivity of synthetic and natural diamond SUMICRYSTAL M50