Заказ инструмента: http://steelcam.org | 8 (343) 382-52-03 | sales@sverla-ekb.ru 7793VXO Series High Feed Milling Cutter Shoulder/ Facing Profiling/ Slotting HIGH FEED CUTTER WITH DOUBLE SIDED INSERTS 7793VXO 7793VXO12 is our newest, patented, high feed cutter range. Featuring double sided inserts with eight cutting edges, providing a cost effective machining and maximum 7790VXO12: efficiency. Diameter Range Shell Mill Cutters: Dia. 50mm – 125mm This range is specifically developed for face milling applications providing high feed rates for maximum productivity. Cylindrical Shank Cutters: Dia. 32mm – 40-mm The unique geometrical design concept and insert positioning is ideal for achieving Modular Head Cutters: maximum metal removal. This combined with our premium grade and positive geometries, Dia. 32mm these cutters are an ideal solution for face milling applications when used on ‘high performance’ materials. Additionally, due to the wiper facet incorporated in the insert geometry, we are able to provide superior wall and floor surface finished capabilities through roughing operations in comparison with other high feed solutions. Applications: 7793VXO cutters are particularly qualified to machine all known metals such as Unalloyed Steels, Alloyed Steels, Tool Steels, Stainless Steels, High Temperature Alloys and Titanium, when utilising our GU52 double sided insert with 8 cutting edges. Due to its positive geometry design and reinforced edge, this geometry provides a smooth cutting action and longer tool life in all challenging machining applications. The 8 effective cutting edges result in lower cost per edge and maximum efficiency.     www.kennametal.com 1