Заказ инструмента: http://steelcam.org | 8 (343) 382-52-03 | [email protected] 80.0VX.92-_R-12 & -16 Series Cartridge High Feed Milling Cutter Facing Ramping Pocketing Helical Helical Slotting / Spiral / Circular Interpolation Interpolation Shoulder with Bore Hole CARTRIDGE HIGH FEED MILLING ASSEMBLIES 80_0VX_92-_R-12 & -16 80.0VX.92 high feed milling cutters are capable of high metal removal in facing applications. The patented insert design offers better performance than round insert cutters. 8000VXD92-_R-12: The 80.0VX.92 high feed cutters are the best solution when specifically focusing on reducing Maximum ap = 2,50mm Diameter Range = cycle time or removing a maximum volume of material in the shortest time. 106mm to 256mm Our high feed cutter has the capacity to achieve 5 times higher feed rate than other existing 8010VXD92-_R-12: cutters in the market. This is due to its unique design and insert positioning. 80.0VX.92 cutters Maximum ap = 2,50mm also have a tremendous advantage, when used in a long (extended) toolholder. **Diameter Range = 106mm to 206mm These cutters absorb vibration and generally reduces the instability and deflection of the tool. 8000VXE92-_R-16: Applications: Maximum ap = 3,50mm The 80.0VX.92 cutters are assembled with cartridges for XD...or XE... high feed milling inserts Diameter Range = and are ideal for a wide range of applications. Facing, slotting pocketing, ramping and helical 106mm to 256mm interpolation. Available with medium pitch. 8010VXE92-_R-16: The cutter series 8000VX.92 has an unequal medium pitch for reducing vibration and is Maximum ap = 3,50mm **Diameter Range = suitable for roughing and semi-finishing of Steel, Steel Alloys, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and 106mm to 206mm Aluminium Alloys. **Denotes non stock The cutters series 8010VX.92 has an equal medium pitch and is especially recommended for roughing and semi-finishing of High Temperature Alloys, such as Iron Based alloys, Cobalt Based Alloys, Nickel Based Alloys and Titanium. NOTE: The 80.0VX.92 series when mounted with high feed cartridges 80VX.92R-12 or 80VX.92R-16 using XD... or XE... inserts cannot utilise the wiper cartridge for finishing when a fine finished surface is required. www.kennametal.com A117