Using the latest in engineering design and grinding capabilities, Series 33 High Performance End Mills are ideal for aggressive ramping, pocketing, and slotting in difficult to machine materials such as Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Inconel. Designed for applications challenged by heavy chip evacuation, this 3-Flute design offers increased chip clearance and a reduction in harmonics. • Proprietary 3-Flute design allows for more controlled chip formation and efficient chip evacuation. • Specially engineered stepped core design provides stability for aggressive ramping and rigidity when flutes are completely engaged. • Open design at the axial end accommodates material flow and load reduction during operations. • Variable geometry design provides superior chatter and vibration suppression during aggressive milling. • Available with KSPT Patented Jet Stream Technology for precise coolant placement. • Exclusively coated with Ti-NAMITE-A, which helps to prevent edge build-up while ensuring superior wear and enhanced tool life. A B A B Stepped Core Design Proprietary Variable Geometry Increased chip space at the axial end of Engineered variable helix and pitch the tool for aggressive slotting, improved configuration offer chatter and vibration rigidity, and optimized chip formation. suppression.