Introduction  Change to New Label Indication of Cutting Conditions To improve usability, cutting conditions are indicated in the label. * This will apply to only new insert grades temporarily. Indication of Cutting Conditions P For Carbon Steel / Alloy Steel M For Stainless Steel / Cast Iron K For Gray Cast Iron / Nodular Cast Iron N For Aluminum / Non- ferrous Metals / Non-Metals S For Titanium Alloy / Ni Alloy H For Heat Resistant Steel / Chilled Cast Iron Corner R Usage Classification according to Materials For 1st Recommendation materials, round Cutting Speed mark and down-arrow are shown and Depth of Cut recommended cutting conditions are indicated Feed For Continuous Cutting= Cont. * Upper is Metric (meter) Lower is Inch For Light Interruption= Light Int. For Interruption= Heavy Int. Rough=For Heavy Cutting Upper and Lower limits of Middle=For Medium Cutting Center Values of Recommended Cutting Conditions Recommended Cutting Conditions Finish=For Light Cutting 5