[Cermet / Coated Carbide / Carbide] How to read pages of “Turning Inserts” B13 (㎜) (㎜) ■ 90° Square / Negative with Hole Description A T φd Description A T φd SN_0903_ 9.525 3.18 3.81 SN_1506_ 15.875 6.35 6.35 SN_1204_ 12.70 4.76 5.16 SN_1906_ 19.05 6.35 7.94 P Free-cutting steel B NQOP NQOP ONQT PS Carbon Steel / Al oy Steel M NQ Q P Stainless Steel A Id K N S NT Gray Cast Iron O P NT Nodular Cast Iron rH N Non-ferrous Metals (Turning) T S OP Q P Heat-resistant Alloys Q Titanium Alloys H Hard Materials Inser t Dimension MEGACOAT PVD MEGACOAT PVD Coated Applicable Toolholders Chipbreaker Range Cermet Coated CVD Coated Carbide DLC Carbide (mm) Cermet Cermet MEGACOAT NANO Carbide Ref. to Page for Applicable Insert Description TN610 TN620 TN6010 TN6020 TN60 PV710 PV720 PV7010 PV7025 PV7005 PV90 PV7020 CA510 CA515 CA525 CA530 CA5505 CA5515 CA5525 CA5535 CA6515 CA6525 CA4505 CA4515 CA4010 CA4115 CA4120 PR1425 PR1225 PR1305 PR1310 PR1325 PR1535 PR930 PR1005 PR1025 PR1125 PDL025 KW10 SW05 rε Finishing-Medium                                            SNMG 120404PQ 0.4 NNNO NNNO NNNN NN 120408PQ 0.8 N N N O   N N N O     N N N N   N N                       120412PQ 1.2           NNNN NN                                            Finishing-Medium                        SNMG 120404HQ 0.4 NNNONNNNO N O N N N N N N      120408HQ 0.8 N N N O N N N N O   N O N N N N N N N N N N                N     120412HQ 1.2 N N O N N  O N O N N N N N N U                            Medium - Roughing 1(:                                                SNMG 120408PG 0.8 NN NN NNNN N 120412PG 1.2   N      N       N N N N                  N         120416PG 1.6   N         N          N N N N                                               D12 D13 Medium - Roughing                                    F73 SNMG 120408PS 0.8 N NO NNNNNNNNNN N 120412PS 1.2          U     N N N N   N N N   N                N     120416PS 1.6      N N N N N N U                                       1 Medium - Roughing                                                   SNMG 120408HS 0.8 OO OO OO 120412HS 1.2     O O       O O       O O                       120416HS 1.6 OO  O  O                                                   Medium-Roughing / High Feed Rate                                              SNMG 120408PT 0.8 NNNNNUNN N 120412PT 1.2 NNNNNUNN N                                              SNMG 090304 0.4 N   N   N N                N N     N                                         D12 090308 0.8 N   N   N N                N N     N         N                               D13 SNMG 120404 0.4 NNNONNN   ONN        N       N N ON                 Roughing 120408 0.8 N N N O N N N   O N N   N N N N N N N N N N N N O U N                   N      D12 120412 1.2       O N          N   N N N N N N N N     N N O U N                   N      D13 120416 1.6       O N                 N N N N N N       N U U N                          F73 120420 2.0     N                N      N UUN                 SNMG 190612 1.2                  N    N                      - 2 190616 1.6                     N                      Applicable Chipbreaker Range 1 (mm) (mm) 2 (mm) 5 (Steel / Edge Length=09, 12) 5 (Steel / Edge Length=12) (Steel / Edge Length=19) Standard 10 ap indicates radius 4 4 PG 8 Standard ap (mm) ap (mm) PS ap (mm) 3 Standard (09) 3 (HS) 6 2 PQ 2 4 1 HQ 1 2 PT 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.1 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 f (mm/rev) f (mm/rev) f (mm/rev) Inserts are sold in 10 piece boxes B29 ● : Std. Item ○ : Check Availability □ : Deleted from the next catalogue