Toolholders for Ceramic Tools [CNGX Insert] Dimpled-clamp (Top Clamp) ¢ CCLN-GX (External / Facing / Back Turning) L2 Side Rake Angle: −6° Angle of Inclination: −6° F1 B 95゜ L1 95゜ H3 D h H1 lRight-hand shown l Toolholder Dimensions Std. Dimension (mm) Standard Corner-R(rε) Spare Parts External Clamp Set Wrench Shim Shim Screw Description R L H1=h H3 B L1 L2 F1 CCLN& 2525M -12GX N N 25 13 25 150 30 32 1.2 CE-410 LW-4 SP-441 M3X8 l Applicable Inserts Applications Cast Iron Ref. to Page B98 Ceramic Insert Toolholder Description CCLN&…12GX CNGX1207.. Recommended Cutting Conditions D39~D40 ¢ Features l Improved clamping stability due to the dimple design l Improve machine stability and machinability l Edge malposition l Cutting capability 25.0 1.00 Edge malposition after machining (μm) Competitor with dimple (SNMX) 20.0 0.80 Without dimple (SNGN) Wear (mm) 0.60 15.0  ■Z direction 0.40 10.0  ■X direction 0.20 With dimple (SNGX) 5.0 0 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 Cutting length (m) 0 Vc=800m/min, ap=1.5~2.0mm, f=0.6mm/rev With dimple Without dimple Competitor with dimple FC250 with scale, Dry (Internal evaluation) (Internal evaluation) N : Std. Item D28