Continuously creating new value at the cutting edge of technology Introduction Insert Grades Chipbreaker Selection Turning Inserts (Negative) CAUTION Safety Notes of Cutting Tools 2 4 A1 B4 B14 Turning Inserts (Positive) Solid Tip-Bars Ceramic InsertsAA11 CBN Inserts PCD Inserts B49 B96 B97 C2 C22 Turning Turning Small Tools Small Tools Small Tools Double Clamp Ceramic Tools Back Turning (Goose-neck Holder) Without Offset Toolholders KTKF D2 D22 E12 E20 E22 Boring Micro Boring Boring Anti-Vibration External Grooving Dynamic Bar EZ Bars Twin Bars AD Bar NEW F2 F4 F34 F63 G6 Small Tools External Grooving External Grooving Small Tools Internal Grooving Grooving (KGD) (KGD-S) Internal SIGE NEW (Integral Type) (Separate type) Grooving System Tip-Bars G12 G21 G23 G45 G47