Double Clamp / Lever Lock / Wedge Lock l Applicable Inserts Applications Finishing Finishing-Medium Finishing Finishing-Medium Finishing-Medium Finishing-Medium Medium-Roughing Medium-Roughing Medium-Roughing WP(Wiper) WQ(Wiper) PP PQ CQ CJ GS PG PS Insert Size 08 08 08 08 08 08 06,08 08 08 Page B42 B42 B42 B42 B42 B42 B43 B43 B43 Applications Medium-Roughing / High Feed Rate Roughing Finishing Medium Soft Steel / Finishing Soft Steel / Medium Soft Steel / Roughing Stainless Steel / Finishing PT Standard &-S & XP XQ XS MQ Insert D Size 08 08 06 06 08 08 08 08 Page B43 B43 B45 B45 B44 B44 B44 B44 Applications Stainless Steel / Medium-Roughing Stainless Steel / Medium-Roughing Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron Non-ferrous Metals Non-ferrous Metals Hard Materials MS MU C ZS GC AH PCD CBN External Insert Size 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 08 Page B44 B44 B45 B45 B45 B45 C23 C13 ·In wedge lock, use of ceramic insert other than Recommended Cutting Conditions D39~D40 silicon nitride insert is not recommended due to strong restrain force. D21