Clamping System ¢ Clamping System Series Design Features Series Design Features · Rigid Clamping · Negative Insert : Medium · Combination of Top Clamp Top Clamp to Heavy Machining Multi Lock and Pin Lock (C) (Mainly for Ceramic Insert) (M) · Rigid Clamping · Positive Insert : Low · Heavy Machining Cutting Force D Double · Firmly clamp the insert in Lever Lock · Easy Insert Replacement Clamp two directions with one (P) · General Use External (D) action. Pin Lock Wedge · Rigid Clamping (P) · Easy Insert Replacement Lock · Heavy Machining (W) Screw · Simple Mechanism Clamp · Fewer Parts (S) · Finishing to Medium Machining l Lever Lock PCLN PWLN Punch PTGN / PTFN / PTLN (To install Shim Pin) PDJN / PDHN PSBN / PSKN / PSSN / PSDN PRGN PRGC / PRXC Insert Shim Pin Insert Shim Lock Screw Lever Lock Screw Shim Pin Lever With Shim Without Shim PTGN-11 / PTFN-11 D6