High rigidity toolholder Double Clamp Series D Securely clamps the insert with a single action ¢ Improved Clamping Rigidity External Firmly clamp the insert in two directions with one action Tighten the screw (2) Force to pin down insert (1) Force to pull in insert DOUBLE POWER ¢ Achieving long Tool Life By strongly clamping the insert in two directions, good contact between the shim and insert can be maintained, even with high feed rates. Along with improving the accuracy of the insert position, long tool life can be achieved.  l Comparison of shim and insert contact Coating material is applied to the shim side of the insert, which is installed on the Double Clamp  toolholder. Compare the shim contact surface after tightening. (DCLN) PS Chipbreaker Shim contact surface Shim contact surface  of double clamp of lever lock  Cutting edge side Cutting edge side Lever Lock 8 NG (PCLN) 4 NG 5 10 15 20 25 30 (Pass) The shape of insert Only a part of the chipbreaker is shape of insert transferred. chipbreaker is SCM435, Vc=150m/min, ap=1mm, f=0.4mm/rev There is a high level transferred.There is a CNMG120408PS, 30 Pass Interrupted Machining of contact. low level of contact. ¢ Convenient marking design Screw Tightening Torque (N•m) CS-2D 1.7 CS-3D 3.9 CS-5D 3.0 Use the part-description for convenient ordering. The screw tightening torque is also indicated. D2