CBN Tools How to read pages of “Turning Inserts” B13 ■ 35° Rhombic / Negative (㎜) Description A T φd VNGA 1604_ 9.525 4.76 3.81 Edge Prep. Gray Cast Iron (With Scale) Ref. to Page for Applicable Toolholders Symbol Cutting Edge Spec. Example K Gray Cast Iron (Without Scale) Q N F Sharp Edge F Sharp Edge Nodular Cast Iron (With Scale) C E Honed Cutting Edge E008 R0.08mm Honed Cutting Edge Hard Materials (Roughing) S T T Chamfered Cutting Edge T01215 0.12mmx15° Chamfered Cutting Edge H Hard Materials (Finishing) N O Q O P S Chamfered + Honed S01225 0.12mmx25° Hard Materials (Chip Control) Cutting Edge Chamfered + Honed Cutting Edge Sintered Steel P T Q Dimension MEGACOAT CBN CBN (mm) No. of Edges Insert Description Edge KBN05M KBN10M KBN25M KBN30M KBN35M KBN60M KBN65M KBN70M KBN510 KBN525 KBN475 KBN65B KBN570 CBN Prep. rε S PCD S rH 35° Negative Id VNGA 160404S00545MEP S00545 0.4 2.0 2 N A T 160408S00545MEP 0.8 1.8 N Multi Edge / Finishing S rH 35° VNGA 160404MEF 0.4 2.0 N N Id F 2 160408MEF 0.8 1.8 N N Multi Edge / Sharp Edge A T S rH 35° VNGA 160404ME4 0.4 2.0 N Id S01225 4 160408ME4 0.8 1.8 N Multi Edge (Double-sided) A T VNGA 160401S01225ME 0.1 2.6 O N S rH 160402S01225ME 0.2 2.3 N O N N N N N 35° S01225 2 Solid Id 160404S01225ME 0.4 2.0 N O N O N N N N N A T 160408S01225ME 0.8 1.8 N O N O N N N Grooving VNGA 160404T01215ME T01215 0.4 2.0 2 N N N Multi Edge 160408T01215ME 0.8 1.8 N N N D16 & PCD S rH D17 35° D18 Id VNGA 160404S01730MET S01730 0.4 2.0 2 N U N O N N CBN A T 160408S01730MET 0.8 1.8 N O N U N N Multi Edge / Tough S rH 35° Id VNGA 160404S04030MEH S04030 0.4 2.0 2 N A T 160408S04030MEH 0.8 1.8 N Multi Edge / Interruption VNGA 160401S01225SE 0.1 2.6 N N S rH 160402S01225SE 0.2 2.3 O N N N 35° S01225 1 Id 160404S01225SE 0.4 1.9 O N N N A T 160408S01225SE 0.8 2.7 O N N N VNGA 160404T01215SE T01215 0.4 1.9 1 O Small Edge 160408T01215SE 0.8 2.7 O S rH 35° Id VNGA 160404S01730SET S01730 0.4 1.9 1 N N A T 160408S01730SET 0.8 2.7 N N Small Edge / Tough CBN & PCD Inserts are C12 sold in 1 piece boxes. ●:Std. Item (1 pc boxes) O:Check Availability U : Deleted from the next catalogue