High Speed Machining for Cast Iron KS6050/CS7050 [Ceramic] ● Improved fracture resistance by high aspect ratio constituents ■ Application Map ● Anti-chipping in scale processing and interrupted machining High ● High speed machining of cast iron by controlling grain boundary phase (good wear resistance) B ■ KS6050 Bridging Deflected crack High speed L speed finishing Crack CS7050 d Cutting General purpose Large aspect ratio = L/d interrupted machining Conventional product A KS6050 KS6050 has a higher aspect Propagation of cracks ratio compared with the Large aspect ratio restrains propagation of cracks (Turning) conventional product A. Improved fracture resistance KS6050 ■ CS7050 (Coated Si3N4) High wear resistant layer (TiC base) Low Superior wear resistance attained Special Al2O3 layer Finishing Medium Roughing Inser t Continuous Light Interruption Interruption with strong coating adherence Strong adhesion layer (TiN base) Applicable to high speed machining Si3N4 Sub strate Heat-Resistant Alloys Machining SiAlON Ceramic KS6030/KS6040 ● Improved wear and fracture Superior balance in heat ■ Application Map resistance due to the mixture of resistant alloys machining ・Heat-Resistant Alloys Machining the hard and acicular particles achieves optimum balance between wear and fracture High CF1 Hard Particle resistance. (Improved wear Cutting speed→ resistance) KS6030 Acicular Particle (Improved fracture Low ← KS6040 resistance) Low←Fracture resistance→High Continuous Light Interruption Interruption Heat-Resistant Alloys Machining Honeycomb structure Ceramic CF1 What is Honeycomb structure Ceramic? Comparison of Wear Resistance Honeycomb structure Ceramic is a composite 0.4 material consisting of a core (gray portion) and shell (white portion) Nose Wear (mm) 0.3 Prolonged tool life and acceleration of machining of heat resistant alloys such as Notching Flank wear Notching Flank wear Ni-base heat resistant alloys 0.2 Core Competitor C CF1 0.1 Workpiece Material: Ni-base heat-resistant alloys 0 Tool geometry: RNGN120400 Competitor C CF1 Competitor C CF1 Vc=150m/min, ap=1mm Shell Notching Flank wear f=0.15mm/rev Wet ■ Ceramic Inserts Identification System ● Identification System C N G A 12 04 04 S01525 “Turning Indexable Inserts Identification System” Refer to Page B2 Edge Prep. (Ref. to the Table1) ● Edge Preparation Identification System Table1 Symbol Cutting Edge Spec. Example Shape Edge Prep. 0.15 S Chamfered and S01525 0.15mm X 25° Honed Cutting Edge Chamfered and Honed Cutting Edge 25° Honed 0.20  T Chamfered T02025 0.20mm X 25° Cutting Edge Chamfered Cutting Edge 25° ● Ref. to Page B3 for insert color B97