Operating and user instructions for CNC-drill chucks Use clamping and unclamping of tools To guarantee error-free function of the CNC-drill chuck 08/ 13/ 16, please follow the next instructions. Ë Attention: Clamping or releasing only at standstill of machine spindle or outside the machine. The CNC-drill chuck (pos. 1) is clamped by means of an Allen-T-wrench (pos. 3) on side of the drill chuck actuating a vevel gear. Turn the Allen-T-wrench counter clockwise to open the drill chuck, clockwise to close it. 1st step Open the jaw of the drill chuck wide enough to insert the cutting tool. (pos. 2) Ê 2nd step Fit cutting tool (pos. 2) to the stud into the CNC-drill chuck (pos. 1) so that the tool picture 1 shank is fi t closely to the whole length of the clamping jaws. (picture 1) 3rd step Turn the Allen-T-wrench (pos. 3) clockwise to clamp the cutting tool using the torque mentioned in the table to clamp the tool properly. (picture 2) Ë Note: Do not use any kind of extensions for clamping. By using a torque higher than mentioned in our table the bevel gear can be damaged. In this case the bevel pinion will be the rated break point to protect the drill chuck against damage. 4th step Test the concentricity after clamping and meke sure that the tool is clamped safely. Note: Ì Do not clamp tools with tapered shafts. Ê 5th step The CNC-drill chuck is ready for work and can be clamped into the machine spindle. (picture 3) picture 2 6th step To release the cutting tool please turn the Allen-T-wrench counter clockwise and remove the cutting tool. (picture 3) Maintenance and Cleaning The CNC-drill chucks 08/13/16 are maintenance-free. The CNC-drill chucks 08/13/16 should be cleaned after use with a clean cloth to prevent corrosions. Before storing the drill chucks please spray oil on the survace to prevent corrosion. Repair In case of a damage of the CNC-drill chuck, please send it back tu us. We will principally exchange the complete drill chuck head. With this procedure you will get the quickest possible a replacement and only on this way a proper function and a run-out accuracy of <0.03 mm can be guaranteed. 11 picture 3 20 KEMMLER KEMMLER Заказ инструмента: http://steelcam.org 8 (343) 382-52-03 | [email protected]